Configure SNMPv3 read write access for HP and Cisco switches, routers, etc.

HP switches

tested on the following gear

  • E-series 3800

snmpv3 enable
(complete the wizard)
snmpv3 group managerpriv user <user-name> sec-model ver3
snmpv3 user <user-name> auth md5 <password> priv des <password>


Cisco switches and routers

tested on the following gear

  • switch: 3750
  • router: 3845

snmp-server group v3ReadWrite v3 priv read v1default write v1default
snmp-server user <user-name> v3 auth md5 <password> priv des <password>

note:If your software version doesn’t support encryption, then you will not be able to have authentication encrypted. You may verify you software version with the ‘show version’ command

How-to recover deleted photos from a flash drive

I used this software awhile ago to recover some photos that were deleted from a flash drive and it worked great. Just posting it here incase I have a need for it again it can quickly be located.


IPHTTPS interface creation failure (error: 0x643)

OS: Windows 8
Issue: DirectAccess connection will not complete
Cause: I believe this to be related to updating the Intel wireless drivers
Solution: Still trying to find it

C:\Users\virtrick>netsh int https show int

Interface IPHTTPSInterface (Group Policy) Parameters
Role : client
Last Error Code : 0x643
Interface Status : IPHTTPS interface creation failure

HP A-Series to Cisco LACP switchport link-aggregation

Left side: HP 5820

Create the bridge-aggregate interface

int br50
link-aggregation mode dynamic

Join the member ports to the bridge-aggregate

int gi1/0/48
port link-aggregation group 50

Configure the bridge-aggregate

int br50
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan ${vlan-list}

Add member ports to bridge-aggregate
int gi2/0/48
port link-aggregation group 50

YOUR DONE…..on this side



Right side: Cisco 3020 blade switch

 Create port-channel by adding first member

int gi0/21
channel-group 1 mode active

configure the port-channel

int po1
switchport nonegotiate
switchport mode trunk
switchport trunk allowed vlan ${vlan-list}

Add members to port-channel

int gi0/22
channel-group 1 mode active

Done on this side…. don’t forget to verify!


Useful commands

description / HP / Cisco
determine member port state / dis link summary / show ether summary
determine which ports are members / dis link verbose br50 / show ether summary
debug lacp / debug link-aggregation all / debug lacp


Other notes

  • ensure that your VLAN list is identical on both sides. If they are not, it will cause the member ports to not become selected.