Unable to open new terminal in Synology Docker container


  1. Attempting to create a new terminal from the Synology Docker GUI yields no response. It’s as if you didn’t even click the button.
  2. Attempting to create a new terminal via the command line “docker exec -it <container-id> command” returns an error that the container is not running.


Restart the container and DO NOT power off any linked machines.


In my case I had a container with a number of linked machines that were no longer needed and I haven’t cleaned them up yet. I would simply power then off once I powered on the container and typically I would be okay. I discovered I was unable to create a terminal on the parent container and this left me troubleshooting. Eventually I discovered that I could create a terminal if I didn’t turn of the linked machines, but if I powered off the linked containers (after powering on the parent container), then I would not be able to create a terminal.