Networking not working after Windows 10 Update (version 1511, build 10586.3)

My device:  Lenovo ThinkPad Yogo 2

After applying the latest Windows 10, update, version 1511, build 10586.3, all of my networking was jacked up. I was unable to connect to any wireless networks (showed a small amount of sent packets, 0 received, and great single strength). I attempted to uninstall the device from device manager and when I rebooted the device reinstalled, but still nothing worked.

When I got home I attempted to use my USB Ethernet adapter and even that didn’t work.

The Solution

NOTE: Following the procedure below will reset all networking. This includes Hyper-V and VPN interfaces. (My Cisco VPN client rebuilt everything automatically when I attempted to connect).

Run “netcfg -d” from an admin command prompt, then reboot and reconfigure networking.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\WINDOWS\system32>netcfg -d
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr: 0x6
NetSetup object deleted successfully on MUX
Successfully commited changes to the registry
Successfully commited changes to the registry
We are going to reboot now to complete the clean up. Save all of your work.
Press any key to continue…

Need to check your windows version?

  1. Start menu
  2. type “about your pc”
  3. press enter






34 Replies to “Networking not working after Windows 10 Update (version 1511, build 10586.3)”

  1. Hello.
    It did not owrk for me. I’m using a SURFACE PRO4.
    Still the same error.

    Quite nervous, after working for one day on this issue.

    1. Thanks for commenting. If you do end up finding a solution that works for you please share with us. If I come across any additional information I’ll update this post.

  2. Everything went well but suddenly it said unexpected error and then it told me to manually restart ny laptop. After manually restarting the first thing that showed up was “could not reconnect all network drives” and its still not working 🙁

  3. netcfg -d worked for me!
    Now my own PC sees itself in the Network folder along with the other PCs it was already seeing.
    The other PCs on the network could NOT see my PC, but now they do.

    Wish I had found this post days ago.

    1. netcfg -d works for me also. However by experimentation I found that it is necessary to close the black Command box before “restarting”…. important to use “restart” to reboot the PC for it to work…..Then never use “restart” again since it causes Network Discovery to fail again on that PC. (The PC won’t be able to even find itself again until this is all done again.) I have been successfully working this way for several weeks now. My guess is that “shutdown” saves something necessary for Network Discovery that “restart ” throws out the window. BTY … the only time that I have a problem is when my computer receives an update from Microsoft and it automatically “RESTARTS”

      1. Thank you very much. This worked for me as well. After days of trying to get my network to work with a new hp envy phoenix-machine and windows 10

  4. I think microsoft needs to stop all the unnecessary updates. the only thing it does is screw up your computer you end up with missing file .lost icon lost files window s 10 updates suck . Please check these updates before you install on our computers

  5. I can’t get the netcfg -d to complete without errors. “SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr” (misspelled). I closed the Command Prompt black box. I disabled firewalls, virus scanners, anti-malware software, etc. Please help!

  6. Hello. Win10 did a big update today to 10.0.10586 and it changed a lot of things completely unrequired. But I’ve lost internet connection. Ran netcfg -d and did reboot but not joy! Any more suggestions? I see under Network Adaptors I have suddenly lots of new ones – WAN miniports….?? Part of the problem?

    1. Just tried to restore to previous version of Windows10 [10.0.10240] using the inbuilt function and it appears to have worked. Internet back again!!! But would appreciate to hear any suggestions and/or remedies for WHEN this happens again……

  7. You are awesome. I’ve been trying things all night and was about to revert my computer to before the update when I found this, and it worked immediately. Thanks so much.

    Windows 10 is frustrating me with these updates, though.

  8. Excellent- worked a treat thanks!

    Keep running the command until the error messages stop. Reboot system and everything was working again.

  9. My problem is that PCs on network can ‘see’ each other but can’t connect to share files – connecting to the internet is fine on all machines. netcfg -d worked on one of the PCs and seems to have set network settings back to default. But on another PC it crashes after two lines of ‘SetupDiCallClassInstaller Erorr 0x6’ – and the only way to recover is to hard reboot the PC. Anyone got any ideas?

  10. The netcfg -d fix worked temporarily fror me – but every time I restart the PC it seems to revert to its bad old ways … There must be something that is re-writing / overriding the net configuration every boot. Any idea what, and how to fix/ Thanks

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