Running Home-Assistant in a Docker container on a Synology NAS

Update: Link to post following this one with steps for deploying nginx as a proxy for the Home-Assistant container deployed here: CLICK HERE



I recently received my Synology DS716+ and discovered it supports running Docker containers. I figured why not run Home-Assistant in a Docker container on the Synology? Doing this will free my Raspberry Pi for another project. Here is what I did to make this happen.

Mount Points:


Store your configuration.yaml here


Store any scripts called within your confiruation.yaml. I have a number of scripts used to execute remote commands on various devices.


I mount this folder so I can store the keys that are trusted on remote devices

Step by step screenshots

Download the image

Create the container

Launch the application

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    1. I’m not sure. There used to be an option under launch to “Launch with Docker Run”, but it appears to be missing now. I only have a “Launch” button that does not open to a drop down.

      You are not alone in wanting this; I have found this post on the Synology Forum:

      Please keep us uninformed here if you found out how to enable the run option in the Synology container.

      1. Thanks Rick. Didn’t realise it was a Docker function. Thought it was something I added to HA. Might have to bite the bullet and do a direct install.

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