Configure SNMPv3 read write access for HP and Cisco switches, routers, etc.

HP switches

tested on the following gear

  • E-series 3800

snmpv3 enable
(complete the wizard)
snmpv3 group managerpriv user <user-name> sec-model ver3
snmpv3 user <user-name> auth md5 <password> priv des <password>


Cisco switches and routers

tested on the following gear

  • switch: 3750
  • router: 3845

snmp-server group v3ReadWrite v3 priv read v1default write v1default
snmp-server user <user-name> v3 auth md5 <password> priv des <password>

note:If your software version doesn’t support encryption, then you will not be able to have authentication encrypted. You may verify you software version with the ‘show version’ command

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