IPHTTPS interface creation failure (error: 0x643)

OS: Windows 8
Issue: DirectAccess connection will not complete
Cause: I believe this to be related to updating the Intel wireless drivers
Solution: Still trying to find it

C:\Users\virtrick>netsh int https show int

Interface IPHTTPSInterface (Group Policy) Parameters
Role : client
URL : https://das.virtualrick.com:443/IPHTTPS
Last Error Code : 0x643
Interface Status : IPHTTPS interface creation failure

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  1. Strange but true.. I had guy come up to me 5 min. ago and the solution we found was to:

    1. Go to device manager > View > Select “show hidden devices”
    2. Under Network Adapters delete any IPHTTS adapter entries.
    3. Restart the PC – everything worked.

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