Control your garage door from your Android watch

The need (or want I should say):

I want to simplify getting into my garage when returning home on my motorcycle. It’s not fun to have to search around the garage door clicker or get off the bike and go enter the code….so why not make it so I can use my voice to open it from my Android wear watch.

What I have:

Watch: Nixon Mission ( – I’ve used the Moto 360 as well, any Android Wear device should work
Android Phone: Samsung S7 Edge (any ANdroid phone should work)
Android Software: Tasker ( & Wear Tasker (
Garage Controller: Zenotech beagle done cape (
Command Center: Home Assistant (

How it comes together:

The intention of this post is not to hold ones hand through the process step-by-step, but to share the framework used to make it work. If someone does have questions on any specifics, please post them in the comments and I’ll share more specifics in that area.

Home Assistant



Script used to use the garage door sensor:

Note: You’ll want to setup certificate based authentication between your hass (Home-Assistant) server and the garage door controller



Configure sFlow for HP switches


Execute the following commands on the desired interface

sflow flow collector 1
sflow sampling-rate 1000
sflow counter collector 1
sflow counter interval 60


sflow 1 destination ${collector}
sflow 1 polling ${interface} 60
sflow 1 sampling ${interface} 1000

Replace failed HP-3800 E-Series stack member

Recently we had to replace a few failed HP-3800 stack members. Luckily this is pretty easy. Execute the following command on the switch stack once the  failed switch has been removed and before the replacement switch has been connected to the stack.


  1. Power down and remove the failed switch
  2. Update the switch stack for the new switch
    1. Locate the system mac address from the back of the switch
    2. switch-stack-01(config)#Stacking member <member ID> type <type ID> mac-address <mac address ID>
  3. Power on the new switch
  4. A message indicating incompatible OS may be displayed when the switch is first powered on. This will go away after a couple reboots. The new member will receive it’s OS from the commander